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Happy b-day mentalminimalist!

The mentalminimalist Instagram account was established exactly two years ago in Spain. I needed to share content, pictures, and short stories of the life phase I was experiencing back then. This was a natural need for an artist, and I felt the first time that I was ready to be out here, in the crazy world called the internet. Before this, I was very private in my social media presence, only known for artistic endeavors, but this time I wanted to share my truth, thoughts, and feelings too as a growing human being, woman as an explorer of life because I believed and still do that I have a lot to share about my journey.

So to my surprise @mentalminimalist account was available. It sounded the perfect name for my purpose and it reflected a lot of my thoughts - concentrating more on the feelings behind the thinking and why it's important to be minimalistic with the material, but with my mindset too. I think it's essential to live a minimal life, I would have more time for what is important in life and gives joy. For me, it has always been ART.

I didn't have a golden plan in mind, but I knew I had to start doing something, because If I just endlessly think about things nothing will happen. Small steps every day towards my goals is a lot of progress in a month, year, and in two years. This has been the most valuable mentalminimalist lesson in life.

So this idea hasn't changed, even though I have changed a lot during two years. I moved back to Finland and the year 2020 - Needless to say more. A lot of changes, inner and outer turmoils, but I believe it's always for the better, eventually. I am going to remember last year as the platform for my manifestation. I became an artpreneur. I chose to live my life only according to my HEART and I do only things that inspire me.

These two years have contained a lot of setbacks, heartbreaks, and very challenging times mentally, physically, and spiritually. I remain honest in my being since I don't want to portray an image that my life is anyhow easy or perfect, it is a conscious choice to focus on the inspiration rather than the desperation, even though I'm no stranger to pain and setbacks. Staying in the negative loop of thoughts only keeps me in lower vibrations and prevents good things happening.

What has remained in these two years is the awe for nature, our EARTH’s glory every day. Waking up to see the sunrise and say thank you for the day's blessings during the sunset. I believe in Gaia and I do everything in my power to protect and value it. I feel the urge to continue my artwork with handmade vegan inks and paints and use more organic and edible materials in the future. I also promise to keep this mentalminimalist account advertising free. The only thing I promote in this account is my artwork. This has been one of the top priorities, since I believe we need influencers, artists, and everybody to create content without labels, commercialism. It's a much-needed rarity. I want it this way, so I shall remain loyal to my values.

Overall the mentalminimalist account has always been about art, spirituality, growth, and self-development. My life purpose is to create, to be the artist that I have always wanted to be, but also understanding that I'm a constant work in progress. I evolve as life goes on. This account is not just about me, it's about all of us who try to be a better version of ourselves as we were yesterday.

Words cannot express enough the gratitude of many great individuals I've encountered through the mentalminimalist account. I've received messages and pictures from people all over the world sharing their experiences with art, people taking their first art classes, taking their first steps to fulfill their dreams as an entrepreneur and taking risks, and generally living their life to the fullest.

Thank you for being part of my journey. Stay healthy and inspired!

Yours truly,

Tanja aka mentalminimalist

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